Desde New Jersey, USA, nos llega de la mano
de Lenny este fabuloso proyecto llamado
dogprint, un pequeño gran sello y revista que 
rompe moldes en la industria independiente . 
En cada una de sus entregas se puede palpar
el amor  por la música y  por las cosas bien 
En breve podrás comprar toda su discografía
en nuestra "delikatessen shop".
Te dejamos a continuación con la historia de 
dogprint que Lenny nos ha preparado con ese
cariño que le caracteriza.

Three Berry icecream
The Fairways
Her Space Holiday
Anthony Rochester
Color Filter
Mary's 9th Cut
Watoo Watoo
800 Cherries
Urban Legends

Dogprint | NJ, USA                                                                                   >>>>> Spanish version

 "pop _ electronica _ and things in between"

Dogprint, as some of you may know, started as a zine in the early 90s ('92 to be exact). 
As the publication evolved to a more professional magazine, i also started to feel the need 
to release music by some of the bands that meant a lot to me at that time.
Dogprint records, started in '97, is nowadays an international indie label, having released 
records by artists from all sides of the globe - US, Japan, Australia, Europe -and as a label 
it's devoted to pop and electronica and things in between (easy listening, lounge, trance,
The first releases on the dogprint label were more punk and post emo oriented, and most 
of them were on the 7"ep vinyl format. for a few years i actually released music with the 
magazine, having for a set price and one package deal, one 7"ep and one issue of the 
publication together. This unique deal definitely helped the mag and the label, as music 
distributors took the publication because of the record attached, where people that already 
knew dogprint, kept buying the mag and found music to listen to with it.
As time moved on, i felt the need to separate the two - keeping both their own entity, and 
devoting more energy and time to the label. So under one umbrella name, dogprint, you 
have two main activities -> the label and the magazine.
As much as i love the printed matter side of business, i'd have to say that in recent time 
the record label has outgrown the magazine, simply due to a time factor. In fact, it takes 
less time to produce and release a record than to publish an issue of the magazine.

2001 is already projecting itself as a decisive year for the label. Quite a few records are in 
the production stage already, and more will be come through out the year! i'm also working 
on licensing deals for some of the current and upcoming DP titles so to better establish the 
label outside of the US. if you're a label out there and interested in such option, please get 
in touch.

New and upcoming releases on dogprint for the current year>>

- Anthony Rochester (Australia) CD
- Color Filter (Japan) CDep
- Technicolor (Usa) CDep
- Mary's 9th Cut (Japan) CD
- Watoo Watoo (France) CD
- 800 Cherries (Japan) CD
- Urban Legends (Usa) CD

On a side note, the name dogprint came to existence due to my personal love for animals 
in general, especially dogs. when i started my activity and time came to think of a name for
it, i wanted to step away from the usual names used by music publications. with no hesitation, 
i thought to combine my love for dogs and my passion for the printed matter, so the words 
'dog' & 'print' seemed like a perfect match! 
There is a high level of personal input on every issue of the magazine and every record i 
release, as dogprint has always been a reflection of who i am, rather than a money making 
The passion for the music i cover/release has kept me going all this time, and i'm sure it will 
be there to push me even further for many years to come.
I've been very lucky so far to have had the chance to work with some amazing artists, and i 
stand behind 110% every single record i've released.

Thank you,


> A-set. (7")
"The Kiss"

> "Permanent Vacation"
   > The fairways 
"Winter Song"
   > Three Berry Icecream
"KLM Line"

> Three Berry Icecream
"Marble Arch"

> Minmae (Cd)
"Sequestered but 
      not Forgotten"

> Her Space Holiday (Cd)
"The unbelievable

 > Portada Dp15. | Winter 2001
 - Saint Etienne                          -  The Delgados
 - Mouse on Mars                       -  Hefner
 - Plone                                        -  Matt Pond PA 
 - Club 8                                       -  Fiver
 - Color Filter                              -  Reviews
 - Song: Ohia
 - Beikoku Ongaku Mag.
Real Audio Mp3