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The Strugglers
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The Strugglers 
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Bioagraphy | | Tract Records | Usa

Obsessed with music since as far back as I can remember.

My first exposure to recording was in 1991, when my father lent me his TEAC reel to reel four-track. I immediately set out to copy the sounds of bands like Coil, Psychic TV, Skinny Puppy, Einsturzende Neubauten and other groups of that ilk that were so appealing to me at the time. Some of the material was played on local radio stations (under the name RIBCAGE!) in Bloomington, Indiana were I was living and managing a record store.
Some of the material later resurfaced on the >FINGERSNAPPING cassette albeit in altered form.

Fast forward through college and photography school to 2000.
My brother, Christopher (also obsessed with music), bought a four-track recorder and so it began again.
I submitted tracks to a label in California called Redwood Records who were doing a series of acoustic-only 7” singles…the owner liked the material well enough to release it in June of 2000. That was the spark and from then on I felt compelled to continue on.

During this time I was also running the website for the band, SONGS:OHIA and was getting several contacts with bands both known and unknown who were fans, but also wanted to send me their music. I’d been around some people in Bloomington who had started record labels and came to the conclusion that with all of the material from bands around the world, that I too could have a label. That was the beginning of TRACT RECORDS (although at the time my brother suggested the last minute name of VORPAL STUDIOS. That only stuck for the first release).

I got the idea to put out some of my own music as cassette-only releases a la the early, pre-Drag City SMOG tapes. I’ve always intended these tapes to be previews of things to come, when I can get into a proper studio. The music is all done on a four-track deck with minimal overdubs or fine-tuning. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I can’t sing nor can I play any instruments particularly well, but that hasn’t stopped anyone else.
The songs are obviously rough in spots but these were never meant to be anything other than snapshots of what I was feeling on one or two particular days when they were recorded: frozen and preserved.

Future THEATH projects:
1. AUSTRIA cassette (songs about the art of GUSTAV KLIMT)
2. A track on a Netherlands compilation
3. A track on EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 3
4. as yet UNTITLED cassette about the EGYPTIAN EMPIRE
5. Eventually, a proper CD

Theath Discography:
2000 | Redwood Acoustic Series 7” 2000
2000 | Cat Power Tribute CD 2000
2000 | Eye Of The Beholder 1 2000
2001 | S/T Demos CD/Cassette 2001
2002 | Eye Of the Beholder 2
2002 | Fingersnapping Cassette
2002 | Space Witch Cassette

Tract Discography:
2000 | Eye Of The Beholder Volume 1 CD
2002 | Racingpaperplanes Morning Scars CD
2002 | Eye Of The Beholder Volume 2 CD
2002 | THEATH >Fingersnapping (cassette)
2002 | The Strugglers The New Room (cassette)
2002 | THEATH Space Witch (cassette)

Projects in the very near future:
2003 | The Strugglers The New Room CD
2003 | Racingpaperplanes covers/demo cassette
2003 | Racingpaperplanes death to false…CD
2003 | Eye Of The Beholder Volume 3
2003 | Picastro/Greg Weeks split CD
2003 | THEATH Austria cassette

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